Thin Film & Thick Film Technology

                At Cyntec, we do use a wide combination of substrate materials such as: Ceramic, Glass and Silicon materials, and processing technologies such as: Photoluminescence, Photolithography, and Etching, in order to produce miniaturized components with tight accuracy and excellent performance.

                Metal oxide
                Rare earth metal oxide
                Nano precious material
                Ceramic and polymer material

                Design & Simulation:
                Wide resistance range
                Higher precision
                High power rating
                Lower TCR
                Better heat dissipation
                RF wideband characteristic

                Lift-off technology
                Vacuum sputtering and lithography
                Print, dry and ring technology
                Electronic and electro-less plating
                Laser scribing and slicing technology
                High density terminal technology

                Thermal resistance analysis
                ICP and FTIR analysis
                XRD and SEM analysis
                DSC, DTA/TGA and DMA analysis