The Thinnest Fuse of World -Fuse-Resistance Protector @ Cyntec

                With expertise in the miniaturization technology, Cyntec has developed and produced a complete series of low profile (T=1.05 mm) and high stability FR-Protector (Fuse-Resistance Protector).

                The FR-Protector characterized with two protection functions for main application in lithium-ion battery pack including OCP (Over Current Protection) and OVP (Over Voltage Protection) to ensure the safety of battery module. The maximum re-flow temperature for FR-Protector is 260 ℃, which can be assembled by SMT and get effectively respond in a timely manner to the ever changing market demands. For committing to the continuous improvement on the quality and reliability of our products, FR-Protector receives UL Product Certification in recognition of our outstanding technology and product quality. This new product can be widely used in Notebook, Tablet PC, Ultrabook, Automotive, Household machine tool, Camera, Printer, Smartphone, etc.

                1. Protection Functions:
                A. OCP (Over current protection): If the rated current reaches 2 times level, FR protector will react & cut off the current to ensure the safety of battery module.
                B. OVP (Over voltage protection): If the sensing element detects the voltage abnormal, the over-voltage protection function will be imitated. The heater will generate enough heat to cut off the fuse.

                2. Values:
                A. Thinnest size: T :1.05mm


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