Active in panel market and release high-performance low-loss thinning Inductor
                With the technology advances, smart phones and wearable devices development, people have higher requirement in panel visual and image; The display resolution developed from QVGA (resolution 240X320) to the mainstream 4K (resolution 4096X3112). Besides, the screen size becomes larger, the weight becomes thinner and lighter. Function also need to integrated requirement including intelligent and multifunction. Therefore, how to reduce loss to enhance inductor’s efficiency and improve product strength with thinner tendency in the limit space will be the key point for composition of passive component in tablet display field. In order to meet this requirement, Cyntec successfully develop high efficiency and low loss thinning choke by design experience, Material, Structure and process technology RD Team.

                We aggressively improve the loss and upgrade the performance and product strength; we expect to offer different solution to customer from phone screen to TV display. Cyntec released HBLX and HTLX、HMLX series in the end of 2014. The thinner inductors are high-performance with low-loss, size range is from 2.0mmX1.6mmX1mm to 6.4mmX6.4mmX1mm, inductance values from 1uH ~ 150uH. The characteristic of Hot-Pressing choke compared with the old Sealing Choke, upgrade 10% efficiency, enhance saturation current 30%, Q value increase 40%, the strength increase 40%. Functional comparison is as following. The products begin in mass production and officially shipped now. All the products we mention above acquire customer’s well response from new publish merchandises: smartphone screen and tablet display.

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