Cyntec announces low profile fuse for small form factor application
                The battery is very important for consumer portable device. Charging the battery is a big problem for everyone, so some companies develop high speed charging for smartphone. When charging current or voltage increases, they need the fuse to protect the battery. Based on this requirement, small form factor is very important for smartphone battery. Therefore, Cyntec developed 4*3mm Mini Fuse which is called 4030 series to fit small form factor. 4030 series are smaller than original series(5.4*3.2mm) of 30%, and fusing time is faster, particularly suitable for Smartphone, Tablet and Notebook. Wide range of operating voltage and high precision of resistance value are our features. Cyntec implemented automatic machine to have high stability for the production. Our product is qualified by UL and TUV and the document numbers are E314624 and TA50201483.

                The specification shows as following:

                Part Number Fuse Resistance Dimension
                W x L x T (mm)
                Heater Resistance Operating Voltage Operating Electric Power
                FR-4030-12A-C1-C 2~4mΩ 4.0x3.0x1.05 0.63~1.35Ω 3.00~4.50V 6.0~39W
                FR-4030-12A-C2-C 2~4mΩ 4.0x3.0x1.05 2.00~3.20Ω 4.00~9.00V 6.0~40W
                FR-4030-12A-C3-C 2~4mΩ 4.0x3.0x1.05 5.00~9.00Ω 7.00~14.0V 6.0~39W
                FR-4030-12A-C4-C 2~4mΩ 4.0x3.0x1.05 9.80~18.0Ω 10.5~19.6V 6.0~39W

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